Fulvio D’Angelo

Senior Postdoc

Fulvio received his Master’s degree in Medical Biotechnologies (2006) and completed his
PhD in Genetics (2011) at University of Naples Federico II. During his undergraduate and
graduate studies, he attended molecular biology labs and collaborated to biomedical
research projects including differential proteomics and the generation of genetics mouse
models. After his PhD graduation, his main interest has been directed to the high throughput
sequencing technologies that were just emerging and he moved to the bioinformatics lab of
Prof. Michele Ceccarelli at Biogem, Ariano Irpino. Through large-scale genomics and gene
expression analyses, he studied the molecular mechanisms underlying human diseases,
especially focusing on cancer. Starting from 2017, he is working at Columbia University of
New York in the lab of Prof. Antonio Iavarone for studying glioma together with Prof. Michele
Ceccarelli’s team. His main activities are focused on the genomic profiling of sporadic and
syndromic glioma for the identification of genetic alterations that drive gliomagenesis and
tumor evolution.